Hartlebury Strikes Again

Its Friday the 13th, but at least one Euro Garages customer isn’t being affected by bad luck, thanks to the team at Hartlebury who have done it again with another example of great customer service.

Their area manager, Richard, got in touch to say that he had been impressed once again by the site’s attitude and actions when a wallet was found at Hartlebury with cards and a large amount of cash inside.

Supervisor Sadie had put it in the safe, expecting that it would be claimed. On the following morning, however, Sadie spotted the gentlemen who was pictured on one of the photo IDs in the wallet and quickly grabbed him before he left to return it.

And it’s lucky she did. The customer had assumed that the wallet had been stolen from his van, and had given it up as lost – particularly the cash amount.


The customer thanked Sadie and returned with two boxes of cakes from Greggs for staff to share in their breaks to show his gratitude for the team’s honesty and help in returning his property.

This is a brilliant example of how the smallest actions can make the biggest difference to someone’s day, so well done to Sadie and to Hartlebury!

Hartlebury’s Manager goes an Extra 100 Miles

This week’s Feel Good Friday comes to you from Hartlebury, with a race against time and a damsel in distress.

Hartlebury site manager, Phil, received a call from a customer who had visited the site while passing through on her way up to Manchester. She had left her bag in the ladies’, containing passports and travel documents that she would be needing on the following day.

Thankfully, when Phil checked, the handbag was still there. Sadly, the customer was now close to 100 miles away and had a flight to catch back home to Sweden the following afternoon. To change her flight would have cost in excess of £100 but this seemed to be her only option.

But Phil came to the rescue and paid for guaranteed next day delivery to the customer’s hotel. Everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief when she called the next morning to say that she had received her handbag and everything inside it.


A few days later, a thank you card arrived in the post with a cheque for the cost of posting the package and a lovely letter to our hero.

As our area manager Richard said, “I would love to think that if ever I was in that situation, someone like Phil would be on the other end of the phone to help me.” We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for your hard work, Phil, and congratulations on some first class customer service.

Great Customer Service at Great Moor

We have another brilliant example of Euro Garages colleagues going the Extra Mile this Feel Good Friday. But this time, we’re going to let the customer speak:

Good Afternoon,

I feel I need to bring to your attention the excellent customer service and support I received when I used the filling station this weekend.  After an incident involving a collision with my stationary vehicle, I was given customer service and attention which went beyond the realms of duty.  Nafees, your manager, promptly put together the footage of the CCTV recording I needed as evidence as the driver had given me the wrong telephone number and had no intention of admitting fault.  I was visibly shaken and upset and when I explained my concerns about the dishonest driver, Nafees was very understanding and sympathetic which is a credit to your company.  Because of his professional approach I can confirm that a fair result can be achieved.

Please could you pass on this testimonial to all the directors that are a part of your organisation.  I work as an Estate Agent locally and have confirmed to family, friends and clients that they should use Euro Garages Great Moor, all the staff have a friendly approach and are very efficient.

Well done and thank you so much to Nafees and his team,

I look forward to seeing you next time I need a full tank of diesel!

Kind Regards,


Loyal and very satisfied customer

It’s wonderful to read how much of a difference we can make in someone’s day, and well done to Nafees for stepping in and helping with what was an otherwise stressful and horrible situation for the customer.


Great Moor


An extra well done from the Extra Mile team, Nafees – the photos you sent us were fantastic! You’ve clearly got a good eye for photography.

Good Service ‘Speke’s for itself

Having recently featured in a Shell Go article for their excellent customer service, we thought it only right that we brought attention to the team at Speke.

The site have achieved an average of 93.8% on their Treated Like A Guest scores – a fantastic achievement – as well as 89.4% on their Clean and Bright rating and a brilliant 90.9% in Overall Satisfaction.

In an interview with Shell, Debbie spoke about how she helps the store to achieve these results:

“Making  customers smile leave my site happy makes the day much nice for me and my team as well. We always greet customers in a positive, friendly and personal way, and try to think about how we would feel in their situation. When it’s raining and miserable, a friendly smile really helps.”

Debbie went on to say, “If you have a great team, the vibe will be a happy one and it shows when [customers] walk in.”

This commitment to customer service has resulted in the site being chosen to host an event as part of the launch of Welcome to Shell, a concept that has been rolled out in other countries and that puts a focus on delivering high standards and good service consistently, as well as offering the customer a ‘wow’ moment during their visit.

The event will be held on the 27th July.

Wilbraham’s Zusätzliche Meile

This week on Feel Good Friday, we’ve got a great example of one Euro Garages team member going the Extra Mile for our customers – or the Zusätzliche Meile, in this case.


Shumaila from our Wilbraham site has recieved a lovely postcard from Maria, who visited Manchester in January of this year with her husband.

On the first day of their holiday, Maria and her husband happened to come into Euro Garages and were lucky enough to meet Shumaila. Shumaila tells us that she taught the German couple some useful English words and phrases, helped them obtain bus passes for their stay, explained the meal deals offered by the site and helped them with their shopping.

From this point forward, Maria and her husband came into the shop every day to get themselves a meal deal and some chocolate, and of course to say hello to Shumaila.

On the last day of their holiday, the couple returned to store to take a selfie with Shumaila – she’d been a big part of their trip, after all – and said their goodbyes.

We couldn’t be prouder to have Shumaila as part of the team, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and well done for such excellent customer service. And a great selfie!

Old Raglan Services reopen as EG Monmouth

It’s good news for Monmouth today, as Euro Garages open the newly built service station on the north side of the A40 in Monmouthshire.

Formerly known as Raglan Services, the site has been closed since 2012. Euro Garages were given permission to demolish and rebuild the services, promising Spar, Greggs, Subway and Starbucks facilities in addition to the petrol station.

Work is still ongoing on the south side, so keep an eye on our twitter @EurogaragesLtd for more updates as we have them.