April’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to our April Employees of the Month

Jordan, Weyhill West Subway; Clare, Crewe Subway; Asher, Bangor Subway; Georgia, Centurion Subway; Caroline, Trent Subway; Nadia, Belmont Subway; Khawar, Alperton Subway; Shilpaben, Corby Subway; Vaishali, Fourwentways Subway; Dominic, Monmouth North Subway; Andrew, Thame Subway; Nicola, Hazel Grove Subway; Annette, Moorland Subway; Kelly, Blyth Subway; Sean, Sourton Cross Subway; Deepak, Hogs Back Subway; Antonio, Braywick Subway; Alisha, Currock Subway; Tammy, Lakeland Subway; Shantel, Prospect Subway; Nathan, Kirkhams Subway; Liam, Runcorn Subway; Amanda, Green Lane Subway; Thomas, Gaydon Subway; Ionela, Strensham Subway; Beverly, Thinford Subway; James, Whitemare Pool Subway

Congratulations to Tyler at Oswestry Starbucks, Marco at Budbrooke North and Sally at Wrexham Road!

Kimberley, Bickerstaffe Starbucks; Katie, Westholme Starbucks; Macy, Beehive Starbucks; Olivia, Kinmel Park East Starbucks; Ryan, Deeside Starbucks; Callum, Speke Starbucks; Tyler, Oswestry Starbucks; Matthew, Crewe Starbucks; Madalin, Budbrooke North Starbucks; Jodie, Hartlebury Starbucks; Amber, Ashby de la Zouch Starbucks; James, Cobham Starbucks; Thomas, Canterbury Starbucks; Sian, Capel St Marys Starbucks; Laura, Oakhurst Starbucks; Jessica, Bishop Auckland Starbucks; Natalie, Simonside Starbucks; Gabriella, Popham Starbucks; Scarlett, Barton Stacey Starbucks; Bethany, Honiton Starbucks; Adam, Calder Park Starbucks; Marie, Markham Vale Starbucks; Liam, Blyth Starbucks; Martha, Ely Starbucks; Samantha, Peterborough Starbucks; Marite, Wisbech Starbucks; Sally, Wrexham Road Starbucks; Paul, Armley Starbucks; Zoe, Sudden Starbucks; Kasim, Rivington North Starbucks

Louise, Windgreen PFS; Kamran, Hollinwood PFS; Faisal, Braywick PFS; Gillian, Warren PFS; Claire, Armada PFS; Mohammad, Wrexham Road PFS; Tracy, South Marston PFS; Wai, Circle PFS; Alison, Four Cross PFS; Ghazi, Farnworth PFS; Jobimon, Tadley PFS; Asim, Empire PFS; Amanjeet, Primley PFS; Umar, Holtspur PFS; Amalajelan, Speke PFS; Asik, County PFS; Danielle, Charminster PFS; Amber, Banbury PFS; Chelsea, Markham Vale PFS; Mindaugas, Fullarton PFS; Kerry, Lindum PFS; Fahad, Coronation PFS; Claire, Colsterworth PFS; Hayley, Monmouth North PFS; Christian, Strensham PFS; Tracey, Stafford South PFS

Attila, Regis Greggs; Julia, Royle Green Greggs; Susan, Corby Greggs; Lorna, Hellingly Greggs; Jemma, Lomondgate Greggs; Kelsey, Tidworth Greggs; Donna, Sutterton Greggs; Mathew, Stow Hill Greggs; Ana, Acorn Greggs; Darren, Newmarket Greggs; Kevin, Speke Greggs; Dawn, Kinmel Park East Greggs; Julie, Penrith Greggs; Laura, Oswestry Burger King; Maria, Sleaford Burger King

As always, winners receive gift vouchers and a hearty congratulations from us.

If you’d like your photo featured here, ask your area manager to send it across to us at extramile@eurogarages.com.


Today saw the opening of our 112th EG Group Starbucks store in the UK!

It’s an incredible drive thru store, perfectly located for locals and tourists alike, and we couldn’t have been more pleased to have a little help from store’s charity partners, the Weymouth Air Cadets.

Best of luck to Store Manager Kathryn and her fantastic team – we know you’ll do us proud.

March’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to March’s Employees of the Month!

Kerry, Seaton Burn Burger King; Dane, Bangor Burger King; Carl, Saltash Burger King; Gemma, Ely Burger King; Liam, Hollinwood Greggs; Fred, Regatta Greggs; Josh, Whitchurch Greggs; Nicola, Bangor Greggs; Nicola, Folly Tower Greggs; Abbie, Five Barred Gate Greggs; Livia, Huntingdon Greggs; Jordan, Lincoln Greggs; Sunil, Frimley Road Greggs; Clive, Locksheath Greggs; Bethany, Calder Park Greggs; Exaltacao, Rodbourne Greggs; Alyson, Thinford Greggs; Julius, Broadwater Greggs

Congratulations to Angela, from Northop Hall Starbucks

Cheenu, Greatbridge PFS; Norman, Ruddington PFS; Laimis, Shoppenhanger PFS; Sania, Circle PFS; Sahana, Willowbank PFS; Rizwan, Prestonway PFS; Georgina, Rothwell PFS; Maria, John Adams Way PFS; Sriskandarajah, Empire PFS; Stephen, Moorland PFS; Emily, Bangor PFS; Nicholas, Strensham PFS; Efstathios, Taunton PFS; Lucy, Great Witley PFS; Julia, Warminster East PFS; Aiyesha, Scott Lane PFS; Erkan, Broadway PFS; Ian, Currock PFS; Man, Chiseldon Camp PFS; Julie, Worsley PFS; Kirsty, Polkemmet PFS; Irfan, Clayton Brook PFS; Sarah, Monmouth South PFS; Nicola, Guisborough PFS; Sharon, Westons PFS; Nichola, Welcome PFS; Senthamil, Heston PFS

Well done to Stephen from Wylfa Starbucks!

Amy, Monmouth South Subway; Romisha, Holtspur Subway; Aidan, Nightingale Subway; Favour, Aldersbrook Subway; Becky, Holditch Subway; Klara, Lowry Subway; Samantha, Frontier Park Subway; Clare, Gowy Subway; Emma, Singing Kettle Subway; Santiago, Stirling Subway; Yazmin, Tangmere Subway; Elise, Lomondgate Subway; Ashleigh, Tamworth Subway; Josh, Saltash Subway; Aaron, Clayton Brook Subway; Hafsah, Beehive Subway; Katie, Rugeley Subway; Chloe, Linacre Lane Subway; Denise, Sudden Subway; Usman, Circle Subway; Manpreet, St James Subway; Kaushalkumar, Bickenhill Subway; Shivah, Heathrow South Subway; Sophie, Heathrow North Subway; Katie, Cleckheaton Subway; Liam, St Matthews Subway; Gayatri, Thrapston Subway; Vanitaben, Corby Subway; Jemma, Amesbury Subway; Alison, Warminster Subway; Stefan, Lindum Subway; Claire, Ruddington Subway; Marc, Ashton Road Subway; John, Scott Lane Subway

Lorna from Bebington Starbucks is also a winner this month. Congratulations!

Lauren, Middlewich Starbucks; Jessica, Wrexham Road Starbucks; Elizabeth, Battlefield Starbucks; Mollie, Frontier Park Starbucks; Jennifer, Preston North End Starbucks; William, Blackburn Cathedral Starbucks; Natalie, Simonside Starbucks; Adam, Dreghorn Starbucks; Zara, Oakhurst Starbucks; Emily, Hartlebury Starbucks; Marium, Droitwich Starbucks; Martin, Kettering Starbucks; Lola, Beckington Starbucks; Sarbagya, Barton Stacey Starbucks; Bethany, Popham Starbucks; Madeleine, Cobham Starbucks; Katie, Rivenhall Starbucks; Michael, Hellingly Starbucks; Lois, Broadway Starbucks; Kristers, Little Eaton Starbucks; Ryan, St Clears Starbucks; Ebony, Monmouth North Starbucks; Edward, Ludlow Starbucks; Georgia, Rivington South Starbucks; Bethany, Matrix Road Starbucks; Jennifer, Scott Lane Starbucks; Lorna, Bebbington Starbucks; Angela, Northop Hall Starbucks; Stephen, Wylfa Starbucks; Jasmine, Aylsham Starbucks; Helen, Peterborough Starbucks; Katie, Acle Starbucks; Valerie, Markham Vale Starbucks

As always, our winners receive gift vouchers and a hearty congratulations from us.

Remember, if you’d like your photograph to be featured, please ask your area manager to email the photo to us directly at extramile@eurogarages.com

February’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to February’s Employee of the Month winners!

Ellen, Beehive Starbucks

Gemma, North Muskham Burger King; Kortnee, Alfreton Greggs; Sakera, Frontier Park Greggs; Mohamed, Empire Greggs; Greta, Eye Green Greggs;

Sakera, Frontier Park Greggs

Linda, Shavington PFS; Sandra, Pemberton PFS; Alicja, Red Ensign PFS; Aziza, Shoppenhanger PFS; Andrew, Caird Park PFS; Nikita, Singing Kettle PFS; Aawishkar, Kingshill PFS; Muhammad, Stockport PFS; Ashley, Crediton PFS; Joanne, Bridlington PFS; Angelina, Mackworth PFS; Umair, Motorway PFS; Emma, Tadley PFS; Jalal, Astonway PFS; Safinaz, Tibicar PFS; Arpita, Linacre Lane PFS; Leanne, Sun Inn PFS; Tanya, Nunney Catch PFS;

Sandra, Pemberton PFS

Leanne, Sun Inn PFS

Alicja, Red Ensign PFS

Sue, Weyhill West Subway; Emily, Deeside Subway; Emily, Middlewich Subway; Claire, Rugeley Subway; Chloe, Park Hall Subway; John, Scott Lane Subway; Shannon, Anchorsholme Subway; Kelly, Larkhill Subway; Madeleine, Norwich Subway; Piotr, Brambles Farm Subway; Chloe, New Seaham Subway; Morgan, Folly Tower Subway; Christopher, Folly Tower Subway; Amy, Stirling Subway; Kenzie, Kirkcaldy Subway; Felisha, Hazel Grove Subway; Jade, Moorland Subway; Sian, Wisbech Subway; Sarah, St Kews Subway; Pelenzie, Heathrow North Subway; Xavier, Clockhouse Subway; Ellie, Worsley Subway; Eloise, Heap Bridge Subway; Kayleigh, Oakhurst Subway; William, Clayton Brook Subway; Shanhaz, St Martins Subway; Charmaine, Hagley Road Subway

Sarah, St Kews Subway

Kyle, Burford Starbucks; Susan, Monmouth North Starbucks; Emily, St Clears Starbucks; Alex, Little Eaton Starbucks; Lauren, Heath Starbucks; Elizabeth, Ring Road Starbucks; Ellen, Beehive Starbucks; Rachel, Sugarbrook Starbucks; Ellie, Dumbarton Starbucks; Tiffany, Oakhurst Starbucks; Jessica, Dumfries Starbucks; Ben, Bebington Starbucks; Joseph, Deeside Starbucks; Katy, Bangor Starbucks; Freya, Matrix Starbucks; Amelia, Mirfield Starbucks; Courtney, Rochdale Starbucks; Clare, Acle Starbucks; Kerry, Peterborough Starbucks; Stephen, Newmarket Starbucks; George, Honiton Starbucks; Isabelle, Popham Starbucks; Chloe, Weyhill East Starbucks; Chloe, Kettering Starbucks; Josephine, Budbrooke North Starbucks; Mary, East Horndon Starbucks; Brooklyn, Hickstead Starbucks; Anna, Wisley South Starbucks

Anna, Wisley South Starbucks

Kyle, Burford Starbucks

Mary, East Horndon Starbucks

Susan, Monmouth North Starbucks

Emily, St Clears Starbucks

Ellie, Dumbarton Starbucks

Brooklyn, Hickstead Starbucks

And, last but not least, Gemma, Starbucks Area Manager.

As usual, our Employees of the Month each receive gift vouchers and a hearty congratulations from us.

Remember, if you do win Employee of the Month and would like your photo featured here, then let your Area Manager know and make sure they give us a nudge.


EG and IMO team up for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, Euro Garages and the Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) have teamed up to host a get together at Frontier Park Starbucks. This event will run today – March 8th – from 10am until 2pm.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Balance for Better”, a campaign that runs all year long, not just on March 8th, and encourages greater balance for women in their personal lives, their mental health and their careers, as well as the wider push for true gender balance across the workforce.

Afshan Akhtar, IMO’s Health and Wellbeing Director said, “This International Women’s Day, we are inviting women in Blackburn with Darwen to meet and share a complimentary coffee with us at Starbucks. We aim to discuss with them some of the opportunities available in the area and celebrate successful women. We also want to highlight how we can shape the future for local women and facilitate their own success.”

Ilyas Munshi, Group Commercial Director of EG Group, commented, “We are proud to celebrate and support International Women’s Day. Women play a critical role in  society and such events recognise their contributions.”

January’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to January’s Employee of the Month winners!

Amina, Holtspur Greggs; Amy, Ashington Greggs; Danielle, Sutterton Greggs; Kayleigh, Podimore Greggs; Peter, Empire Greggs; Sara, Deeside Greggs; Sharon, Circle Greggs; Stephen, Newhall Lane Greggs; Adam, Tadley Subway; Amy, Monmouth South Subway; Ashleigh, Duncansfield Subway; Dale, Bickerstaffe Subway; Danielle, Markham Moor Subway; Elisha, Tadley Subway; Adam, Tadley Subway; George, Taunton Subway; Heulwen, Rhostyllen Subway; Jessica, Scott Lane Subway; Katie, Rectory Subway; Kirsty, Egremont Subway; Lewis, Prospect Subway; Lily, Lomondgate Subway; Natasha, New Seaham Subway; Nicole, Stalybridge Subway; Olivia, Runcorn Subway; Rebecca, Motorway Subway; Sachin, Bickenhill Subway; Sarah, Hexham Subway; Sarita, Weyhill West Subway; Stacey, Gaydon Subway; Thomas, Shrewsbury Subway; Amarjeet, Totton PFS; Defela, Rodbourne PFS; Ellen, Bridge Lane PFS; Huan, Don PFS; Imranbhai, Beehive PFS; Jessica, Widney PFS; Liam, Shrewsbury PFS; Nabin, Hogs Back PFS; Rewfus, Gosport Road PFS; Sandra, Willoughby Hedge PFS; Sarah, South Petherton PFS; Shahban, Gateway PFS; Stephen, Sherdley Park PFS; Santhiran, Formby PFS

Aimee, West Knoyle Starbucks; Aleiah, Crosshands Starbucks; Alexander, Little Eaton Starbucks; Amber, Wylfa Starbucks; Rebecca, Beehive Starbucks; Bryony, Heath Starbucks; Connor, Dreghorn Starbucks; Eden, Barrowbrook Starbucks; Erin, Dreghorn Starbucks; Hayley, Bayston Hill Starbucks; Jane, Monmouth South Starbucks; Jeremy, Honiton Starbucks; Josephine-Joan, Ludlow Starbucks; Jordan, Crewe Starbucks; Leonie, Speke Starbucks; Lisa, Holditch Starbucks; Louise, Northop Hall Starbucks; Michael, Pevensey Starbucks; Morgan, Acle Starbucks; Orsolya, Frontier Park Starbucks; Rosie, Popham Starbucks; Saffron, Simonside Starbucks; Sally, Wisbech Starbucks; Sheryl, Peterborough Starbucks; Vanessa, East Horndon Starbucks

As usual, our Employees of the Month each receive gift vouchers and a hearty congratulations from us.

Remember, if you do win Employee of the Month and would like your photo featured here, then let your Area Manager know and make sure they give us a nudge.