M65 EG Services opens with drive thru Greggs

Our newest PFS – complete with Subway and Totally Wicked concessions – has opened right here in Blackburn. And there’s a 24-hour drive-thru Greggs.

Situated on the £100 million 90-acre Frontier Park Development, just off junction six of the M65, some might argue that the station lies more in Hyndburn, but we’re pleased to sit locally either way.

Starbucks and KFC drive-thrus are expected to open in the next week or so, so we’ll keep you updated!

May’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to May’s Employee of the Month Winners!

Fiona, Singing Kettle BP; Salman, Braywick Esso; Kirsty, St Kew Esso; Sylvia, Egremont BP; George, Wimborne Esso; Amer, St Phillips Shell; Eileen, Northgate Shell; Bharat, Fullarton Shell; Shabbir, Colne BP; James, Scotch Corner Esso; Jemma, Mill Farm BP; Diane, Bridge Lane Esso; Megan, Wrexham Road BP; Andrea, Elstree Hill Esso; Ashlee, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Esso; Akash, Thame Esso

Congratulations to Beatriz from Sheepcot, one of last month’s worthy winners!

Hannah, Preston East Starbucks; Kelly, New Brighton Starbucks; Will, Blackburn Cathedral Starbucks; Georgia, Rivington South Starbucks; Rachel, Rivington North Starbucks; Richard, Broadway Starbucks; Tess, Hartlebury Starbucks; Olivia, Honiton Starbucks; Summer, Stonehouse Starbucks; Rachel, Oakhurst Starbucks; Trevor, Bardon Mill Starbucks; James, Consett Starbucks; Angela, Northop Hall Starbucks; Sian, Kinmel Park West Starbucks; Anna, Wylfa Starbucks; Emma, Hellingly Starbucks; Mia, Faversham Starbucks; Jamie, Weyhill West Starbucks; Jessica, Barton Stacey Starbucks; Pamela, Popham Starbucks; Mary, East Horndon Starbucks

Thomas, Hanford Subway; Kerry, Moorland Subway; Ransika, Lowry Subway; Miguel, Circle Subway; Eleanor, Oswestry Subway; Liza, Deeside Subway; Mariana, Elstree Hill Subway; Sabiha, Denham Subway; Kieran, Saltash Subway; Willis, Anchorsholme Subway; Heloise, Warminster Subway; Julie, Greatbridge Subway; MherUn, Braywick Subway; Yam, Shinfield Subway; Cherrelle, Stoneycroft Subway; Steven, Stoneycroft Subway; Maxine, Hessle Road Subway; Lauren, Scotch Corner Subway; Claire, Mackworth Subway; Karim, St Martins Subway; Sam, Sudden Subway; Azeem, Milnrow Subway; Angela, Polkemmet Subway; Nichol, Egremont Subway; Karen, Newtown Subway; Amy, Worksop Subway; Michelle, Ruddington Subway

Suzanne, Formby Greggs; Martyn, Ashton Road Greggs; Catherine, Kirkcaldy Greggs; Charlotte, Kettering East Greggs; Glyn, Monmouth North Greggs

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First Look At New Ashby Services

The new Flagstaff Island services were officially opened by Roger Bayliss – Mayor of Ashby-de-la-Zouch – on Friday 8th June, welcoming customers for the first time. Cllr Bayliss cut the ribbon, opening new services include the UK’s second ever drive-thru Gregg’s, as well as Starbucks, KFC and Esso.

Located adjacent to Junction 13 of the A42, just outside Ashby-de-la-Zouch, the new facilities offer motorists a place to rest, relax and refuel. In addition, Flagstaff Services will create around 100 new jobs once fully operational and will be staffed by local people.

Ilyas Munshi, Group Commercial Director at Euro Garages, said: “We are really proud of what we have delivered at Flagstaff Services, in what is an ideal location for roadside services. The opening weekend was a fantastic success and customers were impressed with the facilities on offer and the quality of the development.

“Our strong relationship with leading brands – including Starbucks, Esso and KFC – continues to underpin the attractiveness of Euro Garages’ roadside services offer. We were also thrilled to open the second ever Gregg’s drive-thru, which proved extremely popular with customers.”

A Red Bull Formula 1 racing car was also featured during the opening weekend, along with an Esso blimp, which customers could take photos with.

Martin O’Dwyer, Sales Account Manager at Esso, said: “Having the Red Bull Car at the opening along with the Esso blimp, and being formally opened by the Mayor of Ashby, was extremely exciting and delighted customers who were visiting for the first time.

“We’d encourage all motorists to come and try out Flagstaff services and make use of some of our exciting modern technology such as the Esso App, which lets customers pay for their fuel remotely.”

Jane Wheatley, Site Manager at Flagstaff Services, added: “The opening of Flagstaff Services marks the start of an exciting time for everyone in the Ashby team. We look forward to welcoming and serving our customers and are encouraging people to pop in and see what we have to offer.”

April’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to April’s Employee of the Month Winners!

Kamila, Braywick Esso; Litescu, Eastville Park Shell; Mustafaraza, Rivington South BP; Sam, Hartlebury Esso; Adam, Oswestry Esso; Azaz, Matrix BP; Hassan, Berkeley Esso; Barbara, Polkemmet Shell; Irene, Sherdley Park BP; Zoe, Barnes Esso; Patricia, Lindum Esso; Jodie, Trent Esso; Beatriz, Sheepcot Esso

164a0b1c-22f2-4ab9-b1ef-11b57e5cd144Congratulations to Catherine!
A very deserving Employee of the Month from South Park Greggs.

Michael, Currock Subway; Jade, Beehive Subway; Rachael, Green Lane Subway; Lucy, Oakhurst Subway; Santiago, Stirling Subway; Christopher, Lomondgate Subway; Dominic, Hallwood Link Subway; Ioana, Nightingale Subway; Luke, Newmarket Subway; Amanda, Colsterworth Subway; Reece, St Martins Subway; Ana, Mackworth Subway; Ramesh, Altrincham Subway; Rebecca, Stoneycroft Subway; Josh, Centurion Subway; Chelsea, Talke Pitts Subway; Amelia, Hanford Subway; Kealy, Folly Tower Subway; Katie, Stonehouse Subway; Milan, Shinfield Subway; Raheel, Berkeley Subway; Adam, Worksop Subway; Jade, Markham Vale Subway; Louise, Rustington Subway; Zane, Weyhill West Subway; Maria, Corby Subway; Shipaben, Corby Subway; Susan, Gaydon Subway; Gabi, St Matthews Subway; Velinchka, Cleckheaton Subway; Piotr, Scotch Corner Subway; Holly, Deeside Burger King; Catherine, South Park Greggs; Mathew, Stow Hill Greggs; Gintare, Eye Green Greggs; Lisa, Hall Park Greggs; Claire, Hexham Greggs; Beverley, Scot Lane Greggs; Attila, Bognor Regis Greggs; Gillian, Oswestry Greggs

Jay, Beehive Starbucks; Miah, North End Starbucks; Samantha, New Brighton Starbucks; Alysha, Simonside Starbucks; Amber, Oakhurst Starbucks; Ailsa, Bishop Auckland Starbucks; Hayley, Faversham Starbucks; Rebecca, Capel St Marys Starbucks; Claire, St Clears Starbucks; Joel, Oswestry Starbucks; Sharon, Dolgellau Starbucks; Humaid, Cleckheaton Starbucks; Emily, Manchester Eye Starbucks; Phoebe, Mirfield Starbucks; Rob, Beckington Starbucks; Paige, Ross Spur Starbucks; Daniel, West Knoyle Starbucks; Chris, Deeside Starbucks; Emily, Oakwood Gate Starbucks; Adam, Kinmel East Starbucks; Hayley, Weyhill East Starbucks; Jordan, Towcester Starbucks; Joseph, Weston on Green; Kirsty, Little Eaton Starbucks; Amy, Holditch Starbucks; Carla, Little Eaton Starbucks

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Scot Lane Starbucks Grand Re-Opening

Scot Lane Starbucks has re-opened this past weekend after their fabulous refurbishment.

To celebrate, the team hosted a coffee tasting, a raffle for a local charity – with prizes kindly donated by local businesses – and sampled Starbucks food and drinks throughout the day.

The first 50 customers were lucky enough to receive 10% off their order, and those who came in between 11am and 12noon recieved a Starbucks goody bag full of treats.

Welcome Drinks - Sampling
The day was an incredible success with money raised for Joseph’s Goal, a charity set up by the parents of Joseph Kendrick, an eight year old boy who has a rare genetic metabolic disorder known as NKH. His proud parents are raising money to help create awareness of NKH, find better treatment for their strong and resilient little boy, and one day find a cure for NKH. You can find out more on their website by clicking here.

Congratulations to the Scot Lane team on a fantastic re-opening day and for raising money for such an amazing cause.

March’s Employees of the Month

Congratulations to March’s Employee of the Month Winners!

Luke, Lakeland Shell; Verna, Locksheath Esso; Usama, Southgate Esso; Palvinder, Greatbridge Esso; Jayarajkumar, Braywick Esso; Ajmal, Calder Park BP; Tabitha, Guisborough Shell; Suzanne, St Kews Esso; Danielle, Quay Esso; Beverley, Holditch Esso; Chaudhny, Sevenways Esso; Gill, Toll Bar Esso; Peter, Stourport Esso; Philip, Matrix BP; Angela, Kirkcaldy Shell; Katie, Sun Inn Esso; Ebony, Kinmel East Esso

TylerAvaCongratulations to Tyler and Ava from Motorway Subway!

Jennifer, Ivy Cross Greggs; Chelsea, Markham Vale Greggs; Karolina, Salford Quays Greggs; Victoria, Newtown Greggs; Charlene, Rhostyllen Subway; Joseph, Shavington Subway; Monica, Stayley Bridge Subway; Steph, Runcorn Subway; Claire, Rugeley Subway; Samantha, Park Hall Subway; Georgia, Talke Pitts Subway; Kotie, Observatory Subway; Roksana, Heathrow North Subway; Rozninbanu, St James Subway; Matthew, Ross Spur Subway; Gary, Sugarbrook Subway; Karen, Sugarbrook Subway; Katie, Rugeley Subway; Natasha, Windgreen Subway; John, County Subway; Ava, Motorway Subway; Tyler, Motorway Subway; Raja, Shoppenhanger Subway; Avelina, Micheldever Subway; Alexa, Polkemmet Subway; Mark, Lomondgate Subway; Marija, St James Park Subway

Chris, Rochdale Starbucks; Jason, Matrix and Rivington Starbucks; Elizabeth, Ring Road Starbucks; Alexandra, Preston East Starbucks; Heather Mae, Blackpool Starbucks; Thomas, Sugarbrook Starbucks; Sean, Hellingly Starbucks; Timothy, Wisley South Starbucks; Malcolm, East Horndon Starbucks; Annabelle, Wylfa Starbucks; Tomo, Speke Starbucks; Sian, Kinmel Park West Starbucks; Alice, Bishop Auckland Starbucks; Guy, Hexham Starbucks; Jack, Simonside Starbucks; Noah, Hartlebury Starbucks; Lizzie, Stonehouse Starbucks; Shelbie, Honiton Starbucks; Ellie, Hagley Road Starbucks; Scarlett, Barton Stacey Starbucks; Kerry, Peterborough Starbucks; Rachel, Acle Starbucks; Louise, Newmarket South Starbucks; Tim, Cross Hands Starbucks; James, Wrexham Road Starbucks; Eve, Whitchurch Starbucks

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